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VeeBee expects all site users to treat each other with respect, kindness, and courtesy. At this time, we do not interview our site users or complete reference or background checks on virtual babysitters. We encourage every site user to be responsible for his/her safety and the safety of the children.

We recommend the following guidelines for all users:
-Never share physical location or specific address, other than city and state
-Never share photos, especially of children
-Never take photos or videos during a virtual babysitting session
-Report to VeeBee any concerns about harassment or inappropriate behavior; we reserve the right to remove any user from the site

We recommend the following guidelines for parents:
Ask the virtual babysitter for references
-Speak with the virtual babysitter before leaving him/her alone with your children in the video conference
-Review internet safety best practices with your children
Excellent resources for internet safety:
-Check in on children periodically during session
-Set clear expectations of virtual babysitter (e.g., if you do not want your children playing outside, tell the sitter)
-Provide a phone number where the sitter can reach you in the event of an emergency